Thursday, February 2, 2012

Session Recap 2/2/12

Characters Present:

You were having a few drinks in the tavern when a friend of the Erhurr family entered. He said that he had gone to their farm to visit them and found the door to the house broken open and the place ransacked. You decided to investigate. Upon arrival you found the place as the friend had described and what appeared to be small humanoid tracks leading toward the gully where the old goblin lair used to be before the townspeople had banded together and destroyed the bridge that spanned it. You went back to town to pick up some more supplies before returning to follow the tracks. Near the entrance to the lair you spotted a couple of goblin archers up in a tree. You killed one of them and tied the other to the tree after questioning him. You followed the stairs downward into an empty room with another set of stairs leading to a pole that went down to the next room below where you saw four goblins awaiting your arrival. After a lengthy battle you dispatched three of the goblins and subdued the fourth. Once you gathered in the room arrows started flying into the room from the next room where two more goblin archers were lying in wait. After killing those two goblins and securing your second prisoner you proceeded through the next room and onto the bridge where you lowered Vaclav down to the bottom of the gully.  Vaclav found the body of a boy who had died there quite some time ago. You bring the body back up and put it in the room with the two dead goblin archers intent upon returning it to town for burial. You made your way across the bridge. In the room on the other side you noticed a small shaft in the ceiling and a spiral staircase near the far wall. Brugor climbed up the shaft and was pulled into the room above by one of the goblins waiting there. Brugor managed to survive the ordeal long enough for Vaclav to make it into the room and get knocked unconscious after killing one of the goblins and Alembic to arrive and put the rest of them to sleep. Alaric climbed up and cast his cure light wounds on Vaclav. You entered the chief's room and found the Erhurr family's clothing and a small chest containing some coin, a potion and a scroll. You decided to return to town to rest and have the potion identified. Aldaric was able to identify the scroll as a Bless prayer.

It cost 50 gold to identify the potion as fire resistance and another 50 gold to heal Brugor

Each person receives 312 Exp and 123.13 Gold

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