Thursday, February 16, 2012

Session Recap 2/16/12

Characters Present:

After turning over your prisoners and returning the body of the lad to his family you rested in town for a couple of days and restocked your supplies before returning to the lair.  Upon arrival you found 1 goblin at the bottom of the stairs which you dispatched in short order.  After sliding down the pole to the next room arrows started flying through the dragon's mouth hitting Alembic once. You dove through the opening and killed the two goblins in the next room and garnered the attention of the two goblins on the bridge.  After defeating those two and questioning the survivor, you proceeded across the bridge and killed two more goblins in the room on the other side.  You shouted insults to see if any goblins were in the room above but that brought the six goblins from the barracks below.  Alembic put them all to sleep.  After securing your prisoners and relieving them of their weapons you questioned one of them but gained little more information about the creature in the secured chamber.  You decided to check out this creature for yourselves.  upon encountering the creature Alembic and Vaclav were stricken with fear and ran from the chamber.  Aldaric and Thimble also beat a hasty retreat and barred the door.  You returned to the town to find out more about this creature and turn over your prisoners to the local authorities.  You rested for a couple more days and decided to go back and face this creature once more.  You threw several flasks of oil at it and burned it some before it was almost within mele range, whereupon you all exited the chamber and barred the door again.  You went back to town to resupply and rest again.

Everyone receives 45.42 Gold and 237 Exp.
Thimble receives 18.17 Gold and 118 Exp

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