Friday, February 24, 2012

Session Recap 2/23/12

Characters present:

You had returned to town to buy more oil to fight the creature with. Upon returning to the lair, you searched the room above the barracks and found a secret door. Brugor failed to find the falling rock trap and was knocked unconscious by it when he opened the door. Anselm revived Brugor with his cure light wounds. You found the skeletal remains of two Elves wearing rusted chain mail and helmets. Each one was holding a two handed sword that glowed with continual light. You proceeded up the stairs on the far end of the room and entered a smaller room that held barrels and a crystal statue of an Elf. Upon tipping one the the barrels over, the statue came to life and attacked Vaclav. You managed to defeat the statue, shattering it into small pieces. You found that the barrels contained ancient ruined arrows. You the proceeded to the door to the pit where you sent Brugor in to pour oil on the stairs. You then took the rock from the trap and dropped it into the water below. The creature started up the stairs. A hit from a sling shot made a small version of the creature split off and follow the larger one up the stairs. You managed to kill the two creatures with burning oil before they could reach you. After finding nothing else of interest, you returned to town with your tale. You were rewarded with 500 gold for removing the threat of the creature and clearing out the Goblin's lair.

Each person receives 126.75 gold and 1111 Exp.

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