Friday, March 2, 2012

Session Recap 3/1/12

Characters Present:

Vaclav had taken ill so the rest of you decided to see what rumors were to be heard about the town. As you headed out there was some shouting coming from the nw area of the village so you decided to go investigate. Upon arriving on the scene you followed the town militia through the crowd to discover the body of a farmer laying on a cart. Someone had found him on the side of the NW road out of the village about six miles out. The Farmer appeared to have died in a rather frightened state with an expression of absolute horror frozen upon his face. Whispers of the name Sigyfel were heard from the crowd so you decided to probe further into the situation. You discovered that Sigyfel was an evil sorcerer who had reportedly died centuries ago and was sealed up in a tomb about ten miles outside of town along the NW road. Ramiro, the current town leader made his way onto the scene and subsequently offers you 150 gold, horses and whatever supplies you need to go see if the tomb has been opened. You accept the offer and take one of the town guardsmen along with you to investigate. You arrive at the tomb to see that it has indeed been opened but the guardsman is too frightened to go down into the crypt with you so you decide to return to town with your report and collect your reward. On the way back you run into a group of eight skeletons who appear to be heading towards the tomb. You ride around them avoiding getting into mele range and make it back to town without incident, Ramiro offers you 300 more gold to return to the tomb when Vaclav has recovered to clear out the evil once and for all.

Each person receives 96 Exp and 40 Gold.

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