Thursday, March 8, 2012

Session Recap 3/08/12

Characters Present:

After Vaclav had recovered from his illness you filled him in on the events that had recently transpired. You then hired Peyton to come along to watch the horses. You then proceeded to Sigyfel's tomb. You entered the tomb came to a locked door which Brugor was unable to pick so Vaclav destroyed the locking mechanism with a hammer and spike. You worked your way around the first corner where Vaclav set off the Scything blade trap, wounding him a little. You followed the passageway around and discovered three intersections leading toward the south so you took the middle one and Brugor successfully picked the lock on the first door there. Vaclav managed to avoid the falling rock trap in the next room, Brugor picked the lock on the next door and you found yourselves in Sigyfel's burial chamber. You shoved the lid to Sigyfel's sarcophagus off and Sigyfel, now a ghoul jumped out and attacked. You managed to dispatch the ghoul quickly and discovered a Dagger and a Sapphire in his sarcophagus. You the proceeded to the western passageway and worked your way through two locked doors into a room with six sarcophagi out of which six skeletons arose and attacked. After a rather lengthy battle, you had destroyed the skeletons and moved on to the easter passageway. You discovered the new lair of an evil cleric and two Orcs in the first room there. You managed to defeat the three of them and found 75 gold coins and 4 pieces of Jewelry. You continued on to the last room which contained six untouched sarcophagi holding skeletal remains. After checking the room you found nothing else of value so you returned to town to receive your reward. After liquidating the Gem and Jewelry and paying Peyton his 10 Gold

Each person receives 753.75 gold and 1067 Exp. 

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