Friday, March 23, 2012

Session Recap 3/22/12

Characters Present:

Nessa mysteriously departed for parts unknown. Baldemar recently arrived from far off lands and agreed to join your group to continue the hunt for the two Ogres. You returned to the lair and continued the search. You took the Southeast door and followed the passageway around killing a giant rat along the way until you came to a large room that held eight giant rats. You managed to kill the rats but two of your party members got infected by bites from the rats. After finding six gems and a secret door, you headed back to town to get cured. The cleric agreed to cure your infected members for 500 gold donations each. The gems sold for 30 gold. You attempted to return to the lair the next day but ran into a group of twenty brigands also traveling north. You rode back to town to warn the militia and the mayor though a couple of you took arrows to the back. You healed up and rode back the next day to find the bodies of the brigands at the place where you left the road to head to the lair. You discovered a trail of bits and pieces of their armor leading to the lair. You returned to the lair and continued your search for the Ogres. You came to a room where Baldemar fell into a spiked pit trap as he started to open the door. You fished him out of the pit and continued into the room where you found a giant crab spider. After dispatching the spider, Brugor successfully unlocked the long iron box to discover a staff inside. You continued through the passageways fighting more giant rats along the way until you came to another large room with 13 normal rats in it. You made short work of the rats and took the Northeastern most doorway following the passageway around to another door. Once opened you discovered one of the Ogres. After a close battle you took the Ogre's head and a brass key and headed back to town to recover. The Magic shop owner was unable to identify the staff but instead referred you to the church. The High Priestess was able to identify it as a Staff of Healing usable only by a cleric. The staff will heal 1d6 points of damage per creature per day.

You each receive 82.50 gold and 246 Exp.

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