Friday, March 16, 2012

Session Recap 3/15/12

Characters Present:

Vaclav took an extended leave from the group to work on other pursuits. A caravan heading into town was ambushed by a couple of Ogres. One of the survivors followed the Ogres to their den and then reported back to town. A bounty was placed upon the heads of the Ogres for 350 gold each. You decided to take see if you could cash in on the reward. You sent out some fliers and looking for a new fighter to join your group and found a lady Elf Fighter/Cleric named Nessa willing to join your group. You set out the next morning for the Ogres' Den. Upon arrival you found the entrance guarded by a giant Draco Lizard. After a rather hard fight Alembic finally put the creature to sleep and you finished it off. With the entrance clear, you proceeded into the cave and found a hole in the floor with a spiral staircase leading down. Brugor tried to sneak down to scout out the lower area but was heard. You were attacked by 6 Duergar Dwarves who were only able to engage you one at a time since the stairs only allowed single file passage. You managed to kill three of them and render the other three unconscious after exhausting all of your healing magic. You proceeded down to the lower chamber and found three gems and a golden topaz hidden in a wall. After exploring the rest of the room you returned to town to recuperate and get your spells back.

Each person receives 250 gold after liquidating the gems and 447 Exp

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