Thursday, March 29, 2012

Session Recap 03/29/12

Characters Present:

Anselm ***** RIP *****

After resting and recovering in town you made your way back to the Ogres' Den. You made your way back to where you killed the first Ogre and found eight giant rats gnawing on the Ogre's body. You managed to kill the rats and proceeded back around and into the first Ogre's room. You found a secret door on the south wall and Baldemar forced it open tripping a poison needle trap. You made your way around the twisty passageways and through a small room killing another five giant rats along the way. You made your way through the room and into the twisty passageways on the other side to the room where the second Ogre was. Alembic put the Ogre to sleep and you took his head. You found a Steel Key on the Ogre and a locked Iron Chest in the SW Corner on the Dias. Anselm and Brugor Each took a key and and turned them in the locks. Unfortunately Brugor was a little faster with the Brass key so a Fireball trap went off destroying the chest and its contents as well as killing Anselm. The rest of you took Anselm's body back to town for burial and the Ogre Head for the bounty.

You Each Receive 361.33 Gold after splitting Anselm's coin and 197 Exp

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